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New Products!!

OLEO Rooibos Tea Mix

Energize or unwind while inspiring your taste buds.  Fruit flavors of Tangerine, Raspberry, and Passion Fruit complement the gently sweetened rooibos extract and black tea blends.  

Each packet contains the patent pending Micro-Encapsulated OleoCBD.  OLEO is 2x more bioaccessible than regular CBD products.  No bitter hemp aftertaste.  THC free and is triple laboratory tested to ensure quality.  Also GMO Free, Gluten Free and Vegan.

25 mg of CBD per packet just add water. $3.99/each

New Products

Lucent Botanicals 

CBD Mints have arrived this week.  Each box contains a total of 400mg of CBD.  They are fresh, subtly delicious, and easy to take.  Natural ingredients and organic terpenes were added to create a proprietary blends that are designed to help deliver specific, targeted effect.  

Mood Lift - ingredients CBD, Lemon Balm, St. John's Wart, B Caryophyllene, Limonene

Pain Relief - ingredients CBD, St. John's Wart, Turmeric, Myrcene, Humulene

Inflammation Relief - ingredients CBD, Ginger, Turmeric, Humulene

Energy - ingredients CBD, Ginseng, Basil, Green Tea, Pinene, B Pinene

Focus - ingredients CBD, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginger, Pinene, B Caryophyllene

Calm - ingredients CBD, Passion Flower, Ashwaganda, Lavender, Myrcene, Linalool

Sleep - ingredients CBD, Ashwaganda Valerian Root, Myrcene, Terpineol

Each mint contains 10 mg of CBD.  So finding your perfect dose is easy and can be taken regularly.


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We are a locally owned retail location providing personal service to our neighbors.  We offer a selection of CBD and Hemp products.  We want you to feel comfortable asking questions and find the right product for you and your family.  Please follow us on facebook, instagram, and twitter.  The links are below.


We offer a variety of products with some made or manufactured in North Carolina.  We want you to have access to quality products that address your needs.  Please come by and see our selection or if you would like to send us an email, you can also order that way.

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